Discover a non-surgical solution that can reduce unwanted fat under the chin, and other areas of stubborn fat, with little to no downtime. Excess fat can accumulate virtually anywhere, including the face, chin, and neck. Submental fullness, more commonly known as a “double chin,” can be very difficult to eliminate, even with strict dieting and exercise. Belkyra is the solution.

What Is Belkyra?

Belkyra is a fat reducing injectable, known also as deoxycholic acid. This is an excellent alternative to surgical methods such as liposuction, which often has a longer recovery time. In just minutes you could start the process of destroying fat from unwanted areas.

How Does Belkyra Work?

A small amount of fat destroying acid is injected into a targeted area, such as the “double chin” starting the breakdown process of fat cells permanently. Areas such as the bra folds, love handles, and even stomach can benefit from this injectable.

When Will I See Results With Belkyra?

Results can be seen as soon as four weeks post procedure. For best results, multiple treatments may be recommended depending on how large the treatment area is.

Is There Downtime With Belkyra?

Downtime for Belkyra are moderate, and include swelling and bruising. Swelling is a natural reaction of the body and can last up to 3 weeks in some individuals. Bruising can occur to the treated area and can be easily covered with clothing or makeup depending on the area treated.

How Long Will Results Last?

Results are permanent. The body is born with all its fat cells and cannot develop new ones. Once the fat cells to an area are effected by the deoxycholic acid the body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells, never making new once. For best results a proper diet and heathy lifestyle is recommended.

Our Policy

As we are getting busier, and are very grateful, booking appointments with our nurses for your injectables treatment cannot be done by our online booking system.

All treatments booked at Skin Med Spa require a deposit in order to secure your appointment. Appointments booked over the phone require a deposit to be paid either by credit card or e-transfer.

All injectable treatments require a $100 deposit. If the deposit is not paid, your appointment will be cancelled. Should you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.

If you show up for your appointment and have not followed all the pre & post care rules, your deposit will be forfeited. Thank you all for your understanding.